Getting Married in Scotland

Getting Married In Scotland

Getting married in Scotland is a dream for many brides, and even grooms, who have an excellent taste when it comes to choosing a location for such a milestone event. With its breathtaking landscape and a rich aristocratic heritage evident in its architecture, this beautiful province in the United Kingdom is certainly a top choice for destination weddings. Whether one is planning for a religious wedding or a civil ceremony, Scotland will give that dream wedding the romantic backdrop it deserves.

Numerous castles, churches, mansions, villas, hotels and other sites will certainly leave a would-be couple dazzled with the many options for venues, from the wedding ceremony to the reception, all the way to the honeymoon.

Scotland also has simple requirements when it comes to allowing a marriage ceremony to take place within its regions. A couple may be married in Scotland in two ways: by a religious ceremony or by a civil ceremony. In both cases, the following steps must be taken:

First, the couple should have the necessary documents ready: their birth certificates, a certificate of divorce or annulment or a final decree of divorce, if previously married; or a death certificate for widow or widower. If you are not a native of Scotland, a Certificate of No Impediment declaring that you are free to marry in accordance to the laws of the country where you are a citizen is required.

Submit the appropriate documents to the district registrar where your wedding will take place, pay the corresponding fees and obtain a Marriage Notice form for both the bride and groom. These steps must be done at least a month before the intended date of the wedding. Secure the Marriage Schedule from the district registrar, usually released a week before your wedding date. After the wedding, obtain a copy of the Marriage Certificate, also from the district registrar’s office.

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